Coming November

Ellenora Ashe just landed the job of her dreams. Teaching Drama at Black Mountain Academy. There’s a big production of Cinderella coming up, and she’ll be directing the troupe. Things couldn’t be more awesome.

Cue the sound of fingernails clawing down a chalkboard.

Who in Satan’s Kingdom does this Hollywood hotshot think he is? He might be a straight-up 10 with an accent hot enough to melt the panties right off her, but that doesn’t make him any less obnoxious. Barging in on her production and assuming he’s now in charge? He—cannot—be—serious. Not to mention inserting himself *snicker* into every aspect of Elle’s business in and out of her classroom.

One thing has become crystal clear.

Dealing with “Hollywood” on a daily basis is pretty much going to make her new dream job suck! *snickers again*

Jasper Cavendish really needs to get out of Hollywood for a while. The tabloid drama plaguing his every move just won’t let up so it’s time to take a break. What better place to go off the grid than up at Black Mountain?

He can be there for his grandmother as she recovers from surgery while also helping the new drama teacher with the school’s production of Cinderella. It’s a win-win for mostly himeveryone. That’s right…his enchanting “Cinderella” might be pure drama, but she desperately needs his help.

And Jasper?

Oh, he’s only too happy to give it to Miss Ashe.All night long.*can’t stop snickering*

HOLLYWOOD’S CINDERELLA is a standalone sexy (filthy) romance in the Black Mountain Academy world. *Contemporary Romance *Erotic Romance *Modern fairytale retelling *Virgin heroine *British Hero *Famous celebrity *Age gap